Financial Assistance Screening Application

Helping the underinsured and uninsured population navigate government and charity programs

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As the healthcare landscape shifts to be more consumer-driven, hospitals and health systems must expand patient access to financial assistance programs in order to maximize reimbursements and recovery. At HRS, our goal is to enhance the patient experience while protecting the provider’s bottom line.

HRS helps underinsured and uninsured patients navigate the complex process of finding coverage through government programs and charity care.

Implementing our simplified process streamlines the screening process for patients applying for government medical assistance programs based on criteria established by federal, state, and local agencies.

Our digital application can be completed remotely or bedside, and allows patients to:

  • Answer screening questions
  • Upload necessary documents
  • Electronically sign forms

By guiding patients through the screening process, HRS boosts patient cooperation and satisfaction, increases front-end efficiency, and yields greater reimbursement .