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Hospital Referral Services provides innovative eligibility solutions by identifying and obtaining payment through government assistance programs for both in-patient and out-patient accounts. Our solutions have benefitted not only our clients but the well-being of millions of people nationwide.
  • Medicaid Management
  • Disability Claims Processing
  • SSI enrollment support
  • Hospital process improvement consulting
  • Account Audits
  • Self-Pay charity screening of County, State, and Federal Assistance Programs
Why HRS?

Because of our experience and expertise, we have achieved great success in so many programs. Here are just few

  • Ribiocoff Kids
  • Healthy Start- Expedited
  • Healthy Start for Women
  • Healthy Start for Children
  • Healthy Families
  • Medicaid for the Deceased
  • Medicaid for the Disabled
  • AEMA Medicaid
  • Presumptive Medicaid
  • Expansion Program
  • Victim of Crime
  • SSI
  • SSD
Our knowledgeable representatives, with more than 100+ years of patient advocacy experience, combined with industry leading technology, have resulted in patients finding the coverage needed, which in turn leads to more profitable operations for our clients.

Depending on what type of accounts clients refer and the volume, HRS will assign either an on-site representative, off-site representative, field representative, or a combination of more than one to work with your patients.  All of representatives will greet your patients with respect and inform them of our role in the eligibility process.

Field Representatives

Our Field Representatives complete home visits to assist patients with applications and to gather required documents.  Our Field Representatives will attend patient appointments as needed as well as hearings at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and the Social Security Administration to assist with any questions that may arise during the process.

On-site Representatives

Our On-site Representatives perform a variety of functions at hospital facilities, including bedside screening of patients with the use of tablets to determine program eligibility.  Our Representatives will work closely with the hospital’s clinical team to obtain all required medical forms and documentation needed for patient’s applications.  They also notate accounts with updates on a regular basis to communicate the status of the determination process.

Off-site Representatives

Our seasoned patient representatives have extensive an up-to-date knowledge of Medicaid, Social Security, and other governmental programs.  Our representatives assist patients with the application process and gather all necessary documentation from government agencies such as Social Security, as well as doctor’s offices, employers, and the banks. Patient representatives have access to vast company resources to locate patients with disconnected phone numbers and bad addresses.

Our dedication to exceptional customer service, combined with extensive resources and wide reaching technology capacity, allows us to offer a broad range of services to our clients across the country.